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Exhibitor Kit


Glassroots Art Show - Madison, WI - 2017

October 9-11, 2017 - Monona Terrace Exhibition Center



Valley Expo Exhibitor Kit

Click here to download and print the Valley Expo Exhibitor Kit.

Each booth comes with a cloth covered 8ft. table, two chairs, black/white pipe and drape, carpet, and a business name marker. You are encouraged to decorate your booth to be inviting to attendees and buyers.  The link above contains the Exhibitor Kit from Valley Expo. They have options for booth extras such as lighting, cases, etc.



Your booth price does not include your hotel room. Glassroots has a room block at the Hilton Monona Terrace and The Sheraton. Once you have signed and returned your contract with your hotel choice, we will make your hotel reservation. It is up to you to call the hotel of your choice and put your credit card down to reserve your room. Please do this ASAP. You will not be charged - it is just a to confirm your reservation.


Glassroots Room Block Hotels:

Hilton - $199 plus tax - ph (608) 255-5100

Sheraton - $112 plus tax - ph (888) 627-7077

Please click here to learn more about booking travel.

***Special note about your hotel choice***
If any vendor receives a smoking, or other room fine at The Hilton Madison, that vendor will be asked to pack their booth and leave the show; and will not get their booth fees back.


Tradeshow Access

Access to the Tradeshow portion of Glassroots Madison is open to credentialed wholesale buyers only.


There will be a handful of booths (non-functional) outside the Exhibition Hall open to the public and another handful of booths open to the public surrounding the Flameworking Event inside the Exhibition Hall. 




Exhibitor List

Exhibitor Booth #
Abes Vault 807
Acadian Glassworks 18
American Glass Craft 515
American Helix 711
Arehart's Glass 210
B. Rowland Glass 404
BC Glass / Glassbros 309
Bethlehem Burners 817
Black Market Glass 509
Blast Shield 034 / 036
Boogie Glass T11
Boro Farm 908
Boro To Your Door-O / BOOM FELAZI 704
Borro Glass Studio 805
Bosco's Dog House Inc. 514
Burning Snow Studios 110
C-Dirty 715
Calm Glass T29
Cameron Reed / Magism 308
Cap'n Crunk 605
Casa Glass 506
Casta Glass T06
Chad G / Niko Cray 918
Chauncey Glass T1
Cherry Glass 505
Christy's Crystals 004 / 006
Cool Hand Suuze T22
Crux Glass 926
Detoxify 115 /117
Dynamic Glass T12
Ed Hoy's International 815
Ed Wolfes Got Glass 614
Empire Glassworks 409
Eon 906
Eskuche T27
Eugene Glass School 1154
Evol Empire 604
Fogz Glass & Ryu Wilson 610
Glass Vegas 030 /032
GlassEx 311
Global Glassworks 708
Global Glassworks 811
Grassroots California 001 / 003
Griffin Glass 710
Griffin Glass Tools 813
Higher Concentration 304
Hilljack Glass 406
HIS Glassworks 1146
Hoffman Glass 912
Huffy Glass / Volta Glass Studio 902
Humboldt Studios 212
Hurley Glass T24
Hydros Glass / Homeblown Glass 310
I Love Frank Glass / Pete Rock Glass 615
IO Glass / Whitney Harmon Glass 507
Jedi Glassworks 608
Jeff Heath T26
Jellyfish 705 /707 /709
JEM Glass & Wright Glass 405
Jes Durfee Glass Art 14
JMass T28
Joe Morrison T25
Joint Forces 1041
JuJu / Str8 Glass T21
Kim Edwards / G-Check 513
Kzoo Glassworks T10
Lab rat 307
Lampworkers Local 614 712
Liberty503 910
Lisa's Pieces / Rolling High 714
Madigan Glass T05
Max Blob T15
Michael Ray Glass 512
Michigan Glass Project 924
Micro's Heady Hideaway 607
Mountain Glass 1156 / 1158
Multiverse Glass 215
MZ Glass / Carver B 511
Naf Glass 609
Nexus Glass and Honey Supply Glass 108
Nomadic Movement 809
Ohio Valley Glass 408
Old Country Blew Glass 612
OM Glass T18
OrosBoro 407
Oxygen Frog 16
Paradox and Bros 209
Peace by Piece 207
Pedco-Hill Inc. 26
Pipe Solutions 411 /413
Piper Dan 504
Plug A Nug 305
Rotational Science 904
Shipwreck T23
Snodgrass Family Glass 706
Steve Boehme / Conversion Glass 914
Steve Sizelove 916
STR8 Brand 020 / 022
SugarMattys T16
Tek Glass Tools 24
The Bern Gallery 611 / 613
The Vape Co. 510
Thriving Lotus Creations by H.H. 214
TKO Glassworks 713
Trap Glass / INI Studios T14
Turtle Case 415
Waldos Wonders 930
Wale Apparatus Co. 803
Walton Art Firm 410 / 412
White Chocolate Glass T20
Willow and Quinn Glass T19
Zombie Hand Studios 204
Alison Fulop Glass 306
420 High Kulture 414





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